The Week in Review: 2nd March – March 9th

The Week In Review

This is my first attempt at a review of the week’s events, so here goes nothing! Actually, here goes a list of key events dating from the 2nd of March to the 9th, and in no particular order, here it comes:

–          The New iPad


  • Leaps and bounds ahead of the previous iPad, blows all other competitors out of the water.
  • Quad Core GPU, Faster Dual Core CPU, better than HD screen

–          Solar Flare


  • Biggest in 5 years.
  • Could disrupt Power Grids, GPS systems, flights, etc.

–          The Higgs Boson Particle


  • Physicists have reportedly discovered the elusive ‘God’ Particle.
  • Massive amounts of compiled data could point in direction of particle’s existence.

–          Toyota’s Hydrogen Future


  • Huge new commitment to new fuel cell technology development.
  • Aims to be selling “tens of thousands,” by 2020.

–          The Decline of Rangers F.C.


  • Former owner Craig Whyte deemed “not a fit and proper person to own a club.”
  • Pay cuts across the board for the players, Whittaker and Naismith agree a 75% cut.

–          André Villas-Boas Sacking


  • 7th managerial casualty of the Abramovich regime at Chelsea.
  • About £80m was spent at his time there, including the money to get him in the job in the first place.

–          Magical Messi


  • First player ever to score 5 goals in the UEFA Champions League
  • Only 8 goals left to become Barcelona’s top all time goal scorer.

–          Greece Bailout


  • Deal agreed for largest debt restructuring in history.
  • £110m bailout fee will be the second instalment  of Greek bailout funds.

–          Not-So-Super Tuesday


  • 10 rather than 24 states involved this time round.
  • Mitt Romney comes out on top with 6/10 states, still some way off a majority of delegates.

–          Tornado Troubles


  • Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama all affected by the strong winds.
  • At least 40 people dead.

–          Third Term Putin


  • Reportedly won by 64% majority, huge allegations of vote fixing coincide with this.
  • Failed to win over major urban areas, i.e Moscow and St. Petersburg

–           Diamond Jubilee Tours


  • Prince Harry visited Belize, The Bahamas and Jamaica.
  • The Queen kickstarted her tour of the U.K. with The Duchess of Cambridge by visiting Leicester.

–          Syria Struggle Continues


  • Agreed to a so called “limited assessment” of the country’s humanitarian situation.
  • Massacres continue everyday, no access allowed into the worst hit areas.

–          Polish Rail Crash


  • Around 15 dead and 60 injured in the country’s worst rail disaster in decades.
  • Impact completely wrecked carriages at the front of the trains.

–          Olympus Crisis


  • Japanese authorities prosecuting the company’s former executives for faking financial documents.
  • Losses in the company reportedly date back to the 1990s.

And finally..

–          1 Second can mean a lot


  • 31 year old Cesar Kuriyama filmed a second of everyday from his 30th birthday to compile this 6 minute video…

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